Open Letter to Leo About Phantasma

Open Letter to Leo About Phantasma

I just read this letter from an enthusiastic Phantasma investor in their Telegram Group. He goes by G O, say hello @mightymaomoondog!

I wanted to share his letter, because he was responding to some negativity in the TG group. Seems some inexperienced, ignorant lurkers are making speculations about perception that are baseless and quite naive, in my opinion.

I just loved G O’s response. It was clear he isn’t no spring chicken when comes to investing and crypto projects. His response so clearly and eloquently demonstrated that Phantasma isn’t a P&D project, this is a project with a real business model with real businesses currently running on the chain.

This project isn’t about profiting from swing traders, shillers or scalper investors. This project is about understanding the real business model behind Phantasma and what the future will hold.

On to G O’s open letter to Leo……

Entering the crypto market is a precarious journey that that both challenges and rewards investors.  There are 3 components to the crypto market that plays a role in the overall outcome of a crypto market.  The investor, the developer and the market.

As an investor, a vital role is played through the initial financial support through investing in an idea or concept presented by a team.  By due diligence of research and investigation, the investor will establish a comfort level on the amount to invest and determine the longevity of that investment.  The investor is solely in control of their decisions and may adjust at anytime.  Have a plan and execute that plan.

The developer’s role is to develop a working product that brings the overall vision closer to reality step by step.  Through consistent delivery of milestones, transparency from within and community engagement.  Developer’s also have a lot to lose if the project goes off track.  Developers should be earning a salary as their work is adding value and should be rewarded accordingly.  Developer’s must have a well rounded approach to “the business” and demonstrate their expertise.  Through these elements, trust is built and an equilibrium is established between the developers and the investors that equals confidence.

Understanding the market is the final piece to the puzzle.  The market can sometimes show little mercy.  There are a multitude of investors in the crypto space using different investing approaches.  Bitcoin is a fact of life.  The goal of every project is to pull away from the influence of the Bitcoin price. Until then, alts will struggle in price.  The market sometimes (a lot of times) don’t do their research or due diligence to understand the options and variables that make up a good project for a particular use case.  Time and effort can change this.

In conclusion, you need to re-evaluate you’re position with Phantasma. It’s healthy to do this.  Understand why you invested in the first place and determine if various factors have exceeded your comfort level.  As for the developers, they have delivered a working product.  

A tri-chain achievement which opens the doors of opportunity to grow Phantasma.  

The level of transparency and community engagement has never wavered.  Trust and confidence is not an issue here.  

Not sure if English is your native language but the way the team writes and responds tells me very quickly they are the real deal.

Finally the markets will catch up to Phantasma.  This isn’t done overnight nor should it ever really rise in price quickly as it risks not having sustainability.  Organic growth through development and delivery of use cases will grow Phantasma within the market.  

I get how you are feeling, we are all in the same boat here, I hope you can self reflect and come to an understanding with your position with Phantasma.  Just know that there is a whole community and team out there, all striving for success.

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