Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain Gaming

Blockchains are new and confusing, however, gaming is said to be the first real use case for blockchain.

Since 2012, blockchain has been heralded as a disruptive technology…and cryptocurrency is not it’s only use-case.

That’s how the AAA developers over at GOATi think.  With the upcoming release of their 22nd Century Racing Series blockchain RTS-Racing eSports game, they’ve partnered with Phantasma to run the blockchain and smart-contracts.

BIG Hardware, Software, Financial and Distribution Firms Investing

It’s arguable and inevitable that crypto holds its place in the future.  Especially since 2018, when big names began to enter the marketplace.  Just look at some of the big names investing in cryptocurrency in 2020.  They include Microsoft, Visa, Nvidia, PayPal, Goldman Sachs, Square, TD Ameritrade, Nasdaq Inc., and

I’d say that’s a start to a pretty good long-term investment portfolio right there.  I’m excited to see the names of those that jump on board in 2020.

Check out this headline below from 2017, a statement from a small American, multinational investment bank and financial services firm, J.P. Morgan.

In 3 short years, one of the biggest banks, in the richest country on the planet, changed its tune.  Perhaps they took a page from Sun Tzu – a Chines general widely adopted in the business world.

 “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” 


If you’re interested in reading the Wall Street Journal article on J.P. Morgan joining the ‘enemy’, here it is!

Blockchain Gaming Industry is being Written

The mission of the BGA (Blockchain Game Alliance) is to raise individual and business awareness about how blockchain can transform games and improve or disrupt existing business areas.

Founded by Ubisoft, the BGA is a quickly growing governing body on the blockchain gaming industry, with some impressive board members from companies like Alto, Untra, B2Expland, and The Sandbox.

This article is being written on May 19th, and it was only on May 6th, 2020 the BGA held their inaugural gaming workshop group meeting.

Today the ANON Summit 2020 is live and is the largest online blockchain conference in the CET time zone.

And coming in July is PocketGamer’s first Blockchain Gamer LIVE! Digital #1 event.  

PocketGamer is a pretty darn big resource in the mobile gaming market space.  This 5-day, 24hr live event will offer six-themed tracks from over 60 industry speakers.  During sessions, you’ll be able to interact with speakers and other attendees.  I hope to see you there, I’ll be there!

We’ve seen this evolution in every emerging industry over my business lifetime.  My more recent experiences are the growth in the SEO marketplace, as I participated in developing and creating that industry in a similar fashion, just much, much smaller of an opportunity.

Competitive & Collaborative Gaming

With the recent growth of demand for eSports gaming and viewership, competitive gaming is growing like a wild-fire. 

Integrate collaboration into the mix of competition, and communities form.

This is the match-winning formula for blockchain to grow in the competitive gaming world. 

Sure, the first large scale gaming tournament was in 1997, but we only need to look at the prize pool 20 years later….where Epic Games put a $100 Million dollar prize pool in 2017!!!

I love talking about the future of eSports, but that’s not what this article is about.  It’s about Blockchain getting married.

Blockchain games that provide competition and collaboration are going to do well on blockchains.

They’re Engaged!

Yes, blockchain and gaming are engaged.  We’re not sure when the marriage is going to be, but it’s going to happen.  Maybe in a Walmart store tho!

There are no live AAA games on blockchain today, however, a promising AAA Blockchain Game, 22 Racing Series, is the first playable AAA game integrated with Blockchain, but their official Steam Launch is coming. Probably in the third quarter of 2020. 

Blockchain gaming is far from mainstream.  There are many hurdles ahead, but those are for another time.

When blockchain gaming is mainstream, we won’t know it.  Gamers truly could care less about technology.  They’ll just ‘trust’ the system because people have said blockchain is transparent, and trustworthy.  

These gamers will know they ‘own’ their digital assets though.  They will play them, race, lease, rent, trade, buy and sell.  The more people playing the game, the higher value certain NFT’s will become.

Look at this racer from the game 22 Racing Series.  They have accumulated several cars and parts with the mint #22.  When there are a million people playing the game, there is one #22 part, and only one person (wallet) owns this NFT.  Not the game developer, not the blockchain.

Here’s another example of an NFT collector and investor, anticipating that low-mint, limited mint NFT’s will have real fiat value.  This collector owns the #2 Pallidium, #3 of 6 Silver and #3 of 22 bronze collector cars.  And the 2nd driver’s license ever created in the game, forever!

And this is still in pre-beta launch stage of the game!

What’s Next?

Blockchain gaming is a clear, obvious evolution to playing video games.  Let me leave with two images to ponder.  

eSports in Walmart?

BTC/ETH ATM in retail?

A Walmart in the U.P. Michigan
BTC Machine in a Gas Station

Maybe the marriage will happen when this ATM machine makes its way to Walmart!

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