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Catchy Law Firm Slogans for Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Attorneys

A catchphrase is a phrase that is really simply recognized by its repeated utterances. A slogan is a phrase that’s rather memorable and a context as repetitive expression. The goal of a slogan is to help persuade and define the target audience. Think of it like this…a slogan is a brief attention grabber that for […]

Pay Per Click versus Organic Search Engine Optimization

In an ideal world you would use both strategies to maximize your site’s profile.  Due to budgetary constraints however, this is not often possible.  Trying to do both on a limited budget or with limited resources can result in neither campaign producing ideal results.  If this is the case, you must focus on one or […]

Top Ten Strategies for Local Rankings

Top Local SEO Strategies for Local Businesses This is a comprehensive list of the top ten items of completion for a local business to rank #1 in the search engines.  Now that you have gained a fundamental knowledge of what Internet Marketing is for you and what it means for your business, this list can follow […]

The Local Internet Marketing Fundamentals (pt 2)

(continued…) As a result of social media and the direct or indirect influence of social media marketers consumers are more likely to make buying decisions based on what they read and see in platforms we call “social” but only if presented by someone they have come to trust. That is why a carefully designed social […]

The Local Internet Marketing Fundamentals

I’m going to cover the three major pillars of local search, which are Listings, Citations and Reviews Listings First we’ll look into listings. We are going to take a look at the types and locations of results in the triggers that indicate to a search engine that it is a local search.  We’re also going to […]

The Big Advertising Shift

Consider the following consumer behavior: “80% of US household now use the Internet as an information source when shopping locally for products and services” (KPMG) 81% of all business buyers turn to a Search Engine first when looking for a locally based product or service (The Balance) Product Research and Comparison shopping happens online, but 67% […]

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