Gran Turismo meets Wipeout

Gran Turismo meets Wipeout

Sit down, pull the gloves up, tighten your boots, and get ready to jump into the future of racing video games!  Wipeout is swinging with Gran Turismo, and has invited Starcraft & Monopoly to the fun!

22nd Century Racing Series (22RS) is a futuristic racer that is extremely fast with extreme tracks, using real physics with a layer of strategy combined with team-multi player competition.  An RTS-Racing game with eSports DNA as its core, you can drive at over 700+ mph (1000kph) while using real simulated physics.  

The team at GOATi love the high-speed thrills of a future racer, and state there is nothing like the immersive racing experience of a realistic racing sim…and, therefore, decided to create their passion project.

The game’s creative director, Garth Midgley asked himself “What would happen if we combine the best of both genres and made a Future Physics Racer?”

22 Racing Series was born

Real-Time Strategy & Precision Racing

22RS is a new genre of real-time strategy racing, where racers compete for sectors that win in-game upgrades for speed and ability.  Racers can spend these in-race upgrades on boost, upgrade your car mid-race, or use as on-track abilities that can help your team.  

This is a racing game that the outcome is not determined by racer’s muscle memory and repetition, but more by strategy and adaptation for each race.  Falling behind on your first lap does surely not mean a loss because there is more than one way to play and more than one way to win.

The right strategy might see you fall behind the field as you enact your build strategy and then drive double-time to smoke them on the last lap to steal victory at the line.

Proving the Unreal

Theoretically, a current-day racing car would be able to drive upside down at high speeds. Putting all the pieces together in a simulator, it turns out that this urban myth is actually true, but not so fun with a current day vehicle.  Check out this article from Formula One proving this.  

Next, develop an engine with 1000 horsepower, re-engineered suspension, purpose-built tires, fully adjustable aerodynamics and an ECU programmed to help it all work together, and you end up with a racing experience with the perfect mix of terrifying and terrific.

eSport Battles

With a range of events and game types, every aspect has been designed around making the best online multiplayer racing experience possible. 

Compete as an individual racer in your class to vie for the championship or battle it out team versus a team with unique track and sector ownership. 

Play for fun, or play for pay, tournament smart contracts & digital currencies are combined to bring you safe, fast and frictionless transactions automatically and instantly delivered to your digital wallet.

Driving, Building & Customizing

This is a racetrack like you’ve never played or seen. Drive on the walls, the ceiling, a full loop, and while racing this means that the usual approach to finding the fastest lines around a track has now changed.

While you can now drive upside down, things do get twitchy when gravity’s working against you.  The faster you go the more downforce you create, so your ideal line will depend on your speed.

With the third dimension to a physics-based racetrack now possible, GOATi has only just begun to scratch the surface of this next frontier of track design. Use the in-game spline-based track creation tool to create anything you can imagine and push the boundaries on what a race track can be. 

Share your track creations online with other track builders and racers and your tracks could find their way into the championship series.

With a Consumer, Industrial, Professional and Collector cars & parts, you can change your body kits, engines, rims, tires, paint, decals and even unique parts like the capacitors and swing arms. Professional vehicles allow you to tune your vehicle to come up with the power delivery, downforce and suspension/handling settings that best suit your racing style. 

Blockchain Integration

22RS is fully integrated into the Phantasma Blockchain, providing true asset ownership, with asset ownership allowing the ability to buy, trade, sell, create, design, engineer and use NFT digital assets in-game on the blockchain as they wish.  

With the integration of Smart Contracts into the Phantasma Blockchain, 22RS can connect content creators, players, leagues, shoutcasters and game servers to deliver a community that can collaborate and participate like never before.  Tournament smart contracts & digital currencies combined to bring transparent, safe, fast and frictionless transactions automatically.

The governance token is SOUL and the energy token is KCAL, which allows interoperability with other blockchains while maintaining a decentralized governance system.  

With its innovative staking mechanism, dual token system and advanced non-fungible tokens, it allows users to access digital goods & services such as communication, entertainment, marketplace and storage, with the ability to use any dApp from every blockchain.

Phantasma’s token can be found and traded on Kucoin, Switcheo and Bidesk.

NFT’s & Smart Contracts

A non-fungible token (NFT), also described as a nifty, is a token on a blockchain that represents something unique, such a car or car part.

Racers own and control their assets. 

Whether you’re winning, buying and trading vehicles, or making assets to sell or license, Non-Fungible tokens give you ownership, control and flexibility.

A smart contract is a computer program or transaction protocol that executes, controls and documents the relevant events and actions.  This is gaming and eSports reimagined.  The blockchain chosen for 22RS is built for this purpose, connecting developers, content creators, teams, players, shoucasters and more to bring a community that can create, collaborate and participate like never before.

Proprietary & Unique ‘RevGen’ Engine

Vehicles traveling at 700 MPH need really fast frame rates and exceptionally high physics sample rates, so an engine that’s purpose-built with high-speed multi-threading at its core was the only way GOATi could deliver the level of control, performance and accurate physics that our ultra-high-speed future racing simulation would need.

So they built it.

RevGen is able to deliver a frame rate at upwards of 300fps on a single GPU while being able to sample our physics simulation at 600Hz on a consumer PC or laptop. This means that racing will be consistently fast, smooth, realistic and reliable.

‘RevGen’ uses a modular systems approach, meaning that either the entire engine or just parts of it, are able to be used under license. The graphics API “eight::gx” has been used on numerous titles across, PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch and mobile.

Performance Technology 

Aside from the incredible partnership with Phantasma, 22RS has partnered with AMD, leveraging past relationships and have implemented and used a number of shaders and tools that are made available to developers at GPUOpen

FidelityFX Contrast-Adaptive Sharpening (CAS) technology helps to deliver sharp, clean, and crisp high definition visuals at high speed.

Where to Play

Pavillion is a gaming and eSports ecosystem reimagined by blockchain with Steam integration.  Players can mint, own, trade & sell NFTs and developers get to set the rules.

Coming sometime in the 3rd quarter of this year, Pavillion will be fully integrated on the Steam platform, and providing things are on target, we’ll be playing this game on Xbox and Playstation in the first quarter of 2021.

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