Catchy Law Firm Slogans for Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Attorneys

Catchy Law Firm Slogans for Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Attorneys

A catchphrase is a phrase that is really simply recognized by its repeated utterances. A slogan is a phrase that’s rather memorable and a context as repetitive expression. The goal of a slogan is to help persuade and define the target audience.

Think of it like this…a slogan is a brief attention grabber that for the purposes of an attorney firm is used in all advertising, easy to remember and actually attracts attention.

What Makes a Good Slogan?

Starting with the most basics of attention-getting, questions arise on elements fo a slogan…

  • Is it long enough? (
  • Is it Emotional?
  • Is it Timely?
  • Is it Memorable?

So, a slogan needs to be memorable, convey emotion, remain consistent and be long enough to be catchy.

Let me ask you this….what is Coke’s slogan?

What about De Beers Diamonds? They are forever, right?!

You probably might think of Coke’s first slogan…Drink Coca-Cola. But since that one, they’ve had over 50 slogans! (source: coke). The year I was born, Coke was saying “Look Up America”. OK, this is brutal. I like the one in 1963….things go better with coke!

A Law Firm is not different. You’re in a very emotional business. You provide solutions. Find a slogan that is emotional and solution oriented. Here is a list of 15 of my favorite slogans for a law firm.

  1. Accidents happen. We can help.
  2. Client today. Friend Tomorrow.
  3. Determined and Relentless Representation.
  4. Experienced Attorneys. Aggressive Representation.
  5. For Others, It’s Just Business. For Us, It’s Personal.
  6. Here to make it right, when you’ve been wronged.
  7. Legal Insights, Trusted Results.
  8. Small Enough To Care. Smart Enough To Win.
  9. We bring your Wins, not Surprises
  10. Through your aches and pains we’ll get you monetary gains.
  11. Legal Insights, Trusted Results.
  12. From Boardroom to Court Room
  13. Big Firm Expertise.  Small Firm Attention.
  14. Big Results.  Small Burden.
  15. Results.  Not Hours.

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