Blockchain, NFT Gaming, eSports & RTS Racing

Blockchain, NFT Gaming, eSports & RTS Racing

The game creator says it’s like wipeout meets monopoly.

I’ve recently invested in a new project, and at the time of writing this, it’s still mind-blowing six weeks after discovering $SOUL.

BlockChain Video Games

Blockchain & BITCOIN scare people. Imagine, when the kaleidoscope was invented, people feared their children getting seriously hurt while running around with a tube affixed to their eye.

The kaleidoscope continues and in time, adults began to understand and appreciate it.

This is how I feel about video games. I grew up with adults telling me the ‘video game’ could hurt us, like the kaleidoscope.

Video games have evolved so much in the past decade that entire industries are being formed around them, fortunes are made being a professional gamer and in fact, more adults play video games than ever before.

Imagine, 71% of ALL Americans play video games! The majority of those gamers are above 18 years old.

Integrating blockchain into video games removes the financial barriers to global play and competition. With all the money going into the industry, blockchain technology is required, to have a decentralized financial system.

Meet the Phantasma Blockchain

I plan on writing much more on the specifics and use cases of this amazing blockchain. But know, for now, this could be the world’s first listed NFT Blockchain designed with gaming in mind.

Just check out their Whitepapers. It’s incredible. How many cryptocurrencies do you know of that are backed truly by an amazing concept?

The currency is $SOUL. Today $SOUL is valued at about 4 cents per coin.

NFTs – Non Fungible Tokens

Simply put, an NFT is an ownable digital asset. It’s odd to wrap your head around owning something digital. Blockchain allows for NFT’s to be created, with a specific verifiable digital scarcity. This means that the first car created in a racing game is mint #1. There is only one #1.

NFT gaming begun to take off with a game called Crypto Kitties….a game where you can breed, buy, trade & sell your digital crypto kittens. They held value and followed a simplistic economy. While not an exciting game to play, the concept was created and proven.

Blockchain NFT’s allow users to hold & trade digital assets, lease their use, buy and sell just like a marketplace with real assets.

a very nice 22 wallet


When I was watching Gary Vee recently on YouTube, he made a point in early 2020….eSports isn’t going to happen, it’s happened.

I told my 14-year old son, think of the NHL today and that is where eSports is going. The coaches, managers, teams, vendors, sponsors, gamblers & fans. Money is exchanged at all levels.

eSports is not a subset either. It’ll have its own subsets. The industry is growing at over 14% per year. Over 300 million viewers in 2020, 200m+ enthusiasts, an audience over 500 million! Not to mention the estimated 1.57 billion people that will know about eSports in 2020!

According to Twitch Tracker, Twitch is averaging 73,000 concurrent viewers in March 2020. And check out the explosive growth due to Covid-19.

Heck, Dale Earnhardt JR just started streaming on Twitch!

RTS Racing – True AI

Racing games have always been my favorite, however, they are short-lived. The problem with most racing games is the level of competition is restricted to the driver’s muscle memory and putting together the sequence of strokes to make to the end in the shortest time.

Bots typically are preprogrammed to follow identical routes, randomly thrown into the game.

By incorporating strategy into a racing game each gaming experience is unique. The video game 22 Racing Series is just that.

The AI (artificial intelligence) is superb. The game is described as a future physic racer while playing monopoly, at 700 mph!

The RT part of RTS is Real-Time, meaning live, head-to-head competition. Or team competition. Or Championships. Real money, real prizes, real driving.

The Synergy of a Life-Time

Between blockchain, NFT’s, eSports and RTS-Gaming, all HOT topics in 2020, you have a winner. I encourage you to check out this project. It’s simply fascinating.

To learn more about the Blockchain, visit Phantasma.

To learn about the game visit 22RS.

If you want to invest in the project, simply buy some $SOUL on Kucoin!

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