Father, Entrepreneur, Coach and Adranalist

I’m Scott and I live in Crystal Lake, IL.  Some might call it Chicago, but it’s the perfect mix of small-town and bi0-city.  I moved here in 2005 from Canada, where it all began.

I started my first Internet Marketing agency that year and by 2008, we were close to half a million-dollar firm.  Specializing in SEO for transportation firms, in 2009 I founded the country’s first online National Same Day delivery firm, NAPAREX.  The following year that company delivered over 80,000 packages.

My real passion was education.  Being a vetreran in SEO, in 2009 I co-founded Local Marketing Source…an education firm for local internet marketing agencies.  This hobby business afforded me some amazing experiences over the years.

By 2015 I transformed my agency from transportation firms to attorneys and I continue to work with law firms across the US.

Now in the 20’s, WON Marketing continues to thrive and I have decided it’s time to change my passion in my hobby education platform from SEO to my newest passion, Blockchain.

Come hang out with me here and on the Internet as I share my small piece of this amazing project.