Mechanic & Classic Car Collector Salivates over NFT’s

It was at this moment that I felt confident towards the general population and the real validity of NFT’s, or Non-Fungible Tokens. You see, when I started with Blockchain technology and my friend told me…you can ‘own’ this car, it’s a Bronze ‘mint #20 of 22′, I thought….’LOL– OK buddy’. I didn’t understand digital ownership […]

Blockchain Game Alliance discusses Phantasma

The marketing ninja and co-founder of Phantasma, @LeeKai_23 is sharing the awesome technology behind $SOUL with the @BGameAlliance today. #blockchaingaming

Gran Turismo meets Wipeout

Sit down, pull the gloves up, tighten your boots, and get ready to jump into the future of racing video games!  Wipeout is swinging with Gran Turismo, and has invited Starcraft & Monopoly to the fun! 22nd Century Racing Series (22RS) is a futuristic racer that is extremely fast with extreme tracks, using real physics with a layer […]

How Blockchain Technology is Changing Everything in Video Games

Video game giant Ubisoft has recently announced that its Entrepreneurs Lab is now recruiting new startups focusing on two main fields: Blockchain and Social Entertainment. Blockchain technology is entering every single industry, including the Entertainment industry, We can see a nascent ecosystem flourishing in many different directions exploring new possibilities to envision the relationships with the gamers, […]

Blockchain Gaming

Blockchains are new and confusing, however, gaming is said to be the first real use case for blockchain. Since 2012, blockchain has been heralded as a disruptive technology…and cryptocurrency is not it’s only use-case. That’s how the AAA developers over at GOATi think.  With the upcoming release of their 22nd Century Racing Series blockchain RTS-Racing eSports game, they’ve partnered […]

Blockchain, NFT Gaming, eSports & RTS Racing

The game creator says it’s like wipeout meets monopoly. I’ve recently invested in a new project, and at the time of writing this, it’s still mind-blowing six weeks after discovering $SOUL. BlockChain Video Games Blockchain & BITCOIN scare people. Imagine, when the kaleidoscope was invented, people feared their children getting seriously hurt while running around […]